Charlottetown Terrace

Charlotte, NC

Charlottetown Terrace was originally built by the Charlotte Housing Authority in 1977 as an 11-story high rise to provide affordable housing to both seniors and the disabled. This apartment community has now been designated as housing for low-income, disabled residents of any age. The original structure had 180 dilapidated apartments that no longer met today’s building standards. The renovation now provides 161 apartment units and a service rich environment to the residents, while contributing to the revitalization of midtown Charlotte, NC. The renovations included full system upgrades (mechanical, plumbing, electrical, fire and elevator), complete interior upgrades/ refinishing, a window system replacement and multiple exterior upgrades and changes. Along with these renovations, two floors were completely gutted and redesigned to house full-services and amenities for the residents. Furthermore, the Charlottetown Terrace renovation has secured another 40 years of affordable rental housing to low-income, disabled adults, and provides an option for a healthy living environment to those in need. The residents will have access to local amenities like Target, Trader Joe’s grocery store, a revitalized park, and a bus stop, amongst others. Charlottetown Terrace has been awarded LEED Gold established by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and verified by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI). With this LEED Certification, Charlottetown Terrace has the distinction of being the first LEED Gold for a 100% public housing high-rise in the nation, first residential high-rise in North Carolina, and the first certified LEED Gold project for CHA. The Charlotte Housing Authority chose to pursue this certification to document the extensive efforts undertaken to provide an economically and environmental sustainable community for very low-income, disabled adults.

Sustainability Certifications

USGBC, LEED Gold Certification


Multifamily Executive    Green Project of the Year

Multifamily Executive    Apartment Renovation of the Year

USGBC Charlotte Region Chapter    Sustainable Business Awards – Building & Design Award (Non-Profit)

Multi-Housing News’ Excellence Awards    Gold Award for Community of the Year – Charlottetown Terrace Renovation – Charlotte, NC