Post Gateway Place

Charlotte, NC

The project is located on a keystone site within Bank of America’s master-planned mixed use development, Gateway Village. The city block was reserved for residential development to provide for the growing need of uptown housing. The project is flanked by an 8-level parking deck and a 1,000,000sf office complex. This placement provided a unique opportunity to create a vibrant streetscape filled with shops and restaurants for the 2,500+ bank employees, while concealing the parking garage from street view.

The project was developed in 2 phases. The first phase, a five-story, 45-unit apartment building, functions to conceal the blank elevation of the parking deck. The townhouse units serve to create a rhythm that help integrate two deck entries at two different elevations along the project’s 360-foot long facade. The second phase, an eight-story, 264-unit apartment building contains a dual layered ground floor plan. The outer layer of the plan provides public retail and restaurant amenities while the inner layer wraps the residential units around a private courtyard.