Charlotte, NC

The design divided this complex and challenging urban site into 4 mixed-use buildings. This arrangement was used to address the existing storm culvert easement which bisects the site diagonally and to create a focused area for retail and recreational activity. Each of these buildings has a different role in addressing the urban context, with the most prominent building located at the eastern corner of the site. This corner site is bounded by two very different but major transportation corridors into and out of center city and has become a transition point between the lower density First Ward Garden District and the higher density mixed-use development around the arena. The building’s northeastern elevation engages the pedestrian at street level with walk-up town home entries, low planter walls and a wide patio area for the retail tenants. The southeastern elevation consists of deeply recessed private balconies with large overhangs and a more formal edge along the street level to address the heavier traffic flow. The building’s design is centered on a main courtyard while the unit plans are designed to be open and organized by “zones” rather than “walled” space separations.