Southend Village

Charlotte, NC

This mixed-use project infills an urban block adjacent to the historic South End district composed of redeveloped warehouses and textile mills. Each side of the block reflects a different site context.

The plaza side is lined by street level retail with loft style residential and office condominiums on the upper three levels. The rhythm of the plaza façade wraps the corner to form a row of crisp brick two story units topped with an inverted townhouse. These units have an entry on the upper level and stairs leading down to the sleeping space. This unique design provides vertical separation of the living spaces for the stacked unit types.

Across from modest single family houses, more conventional townhouses address the street and sidewalk with individual entrances. An open, mezzanine loft unit sits on the third floor, lowering the roof line on the neighborhood façade. On the fourth façade, a wide arch opens into an intimate courtyard around which 4 stories of studio units are clustered. The parking deck is wrapped by these four distinctively different building sides, and is accessed from the retail plaza.