Who We Are

Axiom Architecture’s roots extend back to one of the leading firms in multi-family and mixed-use housing, David Furman Architecture. David Furman was widely recognized for establishing a new standard in forward thinking housing design solutions. From 1995 to 2007, Steve Barton, Matt Majors and Colleen Garrett worked with David and continued to create a strong body of multi-family and mixed-use work. In 1999, David Furman expanded into the role of developer and created the company Centro Cityworks, which was an in-house development company with a focus on urban development anchored by strong design. During this time, Steve, Matt and Colleen managed the architectural firm as Senior Associates while also serving development management roles within the company. It’s this unique combination of smart design along with development knowledge that would set them apart from other traditional architectural firms.

During their time at David Furman Architecture, Steve, Matt and Colleen formed a strong bond that served them well with each person having unique traits that complimented the others. This strong friendship led to a strong partnership in 2007 when Axiom Architecture was formed. The new firm evolved from David Furman Architecture with Steve, Matt and Colleen as managing partners. This evolution allowed Axiom to grow into a larger and more diverse firm focusing on mixed-use and multi-family housing as well as other commercial projects.

It is with this legacy that Axiom Architecture operates today. We believe that providing strong design solutions will ensure we bring the best results to the marketplace as well as to our community. Because of this, many of our designs have won awards from Multi-Housing News and Multifamily Executive magazines, The Charlotte Business Journal, USGBC Charlotte Chapter, Charlotte Center City Partners and the American Institute of Architects.

With our diverse history, we are uniquely suited to work on a variety of projects and it is our commitment to provide experience and innovative solutions from conception to completion to every client.